Meet the Dive Team

Our team has knowledge gathered from over the years of both local and international diving.

Tyler Hart

Favourite Fish: Rainbow Trout! Peacock Flounders if looking at.
Favourite Dive Site: Anything unexplored
Favourite Camera: GoPro 7
Qualifications: IDC Staff (PADI), EFRI, SSI & RAID Instructor, IYT Master Yacht 80gt.

I started my underwater adventure in the ice cold waters of Canada, 10+ years ago. After getting a taste of the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, I had decided to trade in my dry-suit for a rash guard 

Besides for the love of the underwater world, I enjoy playing and watching hockey. My secret passion is dirt biking.

We look forward to welcoming you to Petit St Vincent & our Jean-Michel Cousteau Caribbean Diving Centre and having the opportunity to share our passion, excitement and enthusiasm of the underwater world.

Melissa Hart

Favourite Fish: Cajun Spiced Lionfish to eat! The Floating Pea – Juvenile Trunkfish look at!!
Favourite Dive Site: Anywhere underwater
Favourite Camera: Sony A6000
Qualifications: IDC Staff (PADI), EFRI, IYT Master of Yachts 80gt.

Started diving in the cold murky waters of Alberta, Canada 10 years ago. Realized that the warm Caribbean waters have more marine life to offer, so I packed my bags and headed south. 

My passion is anything outdoors, hiking around the islands or the Rocky Mountains, and usually with a camera in hand. When on top of the water, my favourite method of exploring is by kayak.

Delighted to be part of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Caribbean Dive Team, I look forward to sharing with you my obsession with critter hunting.

Jon Ander Peña

Favourite Fish: Lionfish to eat! Juvenile spotted drum or French Angelfish to look at. (And sharks of course!)
Favourite Dive Site: Irene’s Point
Favourite Camera: GoPro
Qualifications: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, EFRI, CMAS & FEDAS 2 Star instructor

Originally from the North coast of Spain, where the water is cold. I have been diving for over 15 years. I started life as an engineer in Germany till one day I decided to head for warmth. I love travel, painting and football (soccer).

Having been an instructor for 9 years and a member of the Jean-Michel Cousteau team the last couple of  seasons. I’m very excited  to discover what this new season  and  team have to offer.

I enjoy showing the underwater treasures of this region and also being a member of the Petit St Vincent coral restoration program.