Meet the Dive Team

Our team has knowledge gathered from over the years of both local and international diving.

Dan Beldon

Favourite Fish: Tuna to eat! Wobbegong or Frog fish if looking at.
Favourite Dive Site: Unexplored
Favourite Camera: Nikon D810
Qualifications: Master Instructor (PADI) DSAT trimix, TDI, ANDI, EFRI…..basically likes collecting acronyms……… also holds a BSc…..something to do with Marine Biology so he says!

I have been diving for over 20 years now starting in the UK, doing both recreational and Tec Diving. I constantly burn my head due to being bald. I have been on PSV now for the last 2 years, and love all the island has to offer in terms of diving and other sports including kiteboarding and sailing.

The dive sites around the island are teaming with life and no 2 dives are ever the same, during my holidays away from the island I keep on diving and have experienced diving in all areas of the world, from spending time in Australia, Indonesia, UK, Palau and Mexico.

Alexandra Booth

Favourite Fish: Lionfish to eat! Juvenile spotted drum or Parrotfish to look at.
(Or Turtles of course!)
Favourite Dive Site: Purini Wreck or over the Sand
Favourite Camera: GoPro – Easy and Fun!
Qualifications: IDC Staff (PADI,) EFRI, OOW 3000gt MCA, RYA YMO and CI, BSc Disaster Management – Another Acronym Collector but for Skippering and Diving!

I have been diving for over 12 years, starting in the Maldives where my love of the Ocean and travel came to light while working with the UN, I love travel and study, having dived in Australia, Indonesia, Asia and Europe. I am a very active person loving the sailing and Paddleboarding available on the island as well as trying to learn Kite boarding.

Having been working in diving for the last 8 years and joining the Jean-Michel Cousteau team within the last year I have been very excited to discover all that this area has to offer. I love being on the boat and early morning diving… would be even nicer if I didn’t have to get out of bed so early!

Gilan Comas

Favourite Fish: Trevelly to eat! Angel Fish and Creole Wrasses to look at.
Favourite Dive Site: Mayreau Marine Park
Favourite Camera: Nikon D500
Qualifications: DM PADI, Fish ID, Coral Reef and Lionfish Specialist. Public Service Diploma.

I grew up in St Vincent, diving for the last 7 years and working with the Jean Michel Cousteau team for the last 2 years. I enjoy Rugby and Martial Arts, as well as Cadets. I also love having a laugh and dressing up as well as going out on the boats. I have worked as a DiveMaster in St Vincent and on PSV and love all the variety that St Vincent and the Grenadines has to offer. I love showing my home country to interested divers.

I don’t really like diving with a camera, as I prefer to be in the pictures! My favourite accessory to dive with is a spear in areas we are allowed to, enabling us to protect the reef from the invasive Lionfish who are limiting the new fish life on the reef.