Dive with the best.

Hand-picked by Jean-Michel Cousteau, our staff and dive team are the absolute best. We think part of a great Petit St. Vincent diving experience is the adventure of the unknown. Thus, our guests are welcome to join our exploration and help us name new dive sites! We also drift dive in some areas never previously dived.

We have full time instructors who can certify all PADI levels, and full time Divemasters or Instructors who guide every dive.

Come on by the Jean-Michel Cousteau Diving Dive Center - it's the best place to hear what's going on under the waves in Petit St. Vincent, from shark sightings to macro critter findings!

Dan Belden

Dan is a PADI Master Instructor with 20 Specialties, DSAT Trimix and Mixed Gas Instructor, 02 Administrator Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor, TDI Instructor, ANDI Cave Explorer and Rebreather Diver.

He has been diving from the age of twelve and always loved being in, on, around or under the ocean.  Whether that is diving, sailing or watersports.  The ocean has always pulled him back for more.

Dan became a full time Instructor in 2005 and hasn’t looked back.  He started his professional diving career while still at college, working with underwater research foundations in Indonesia, Wakatobe, and other areas in the South Pacific.

After completing his university studies in Biomedical Sciences he added on another year for Marine Biology and Applied Life Science to help in his underwater adventures on islands and livaboards throughout the world.

Areas in which he has dived and worked include around Australia both East, West and Private Islands, New Zealand, all over Asia (too many to mention), Maldives, South Africa, and Europe including the cold waters of the UK.   Working his way around the world he has found himself in the Caribbean and South America.   Dan has also explored the Cenotes in Mexico that he says will need more long dives, which he is relishing.

Dan loves to teach and dive whether it is a Discover Scuba Dive or teaching a new group of instructors.  He is always happy to pass on his knowledge and help preserve the underwater realm.  Dan also loves exploring wrecks and reefs; long cave systems and the challenge of exploring the deep.

He is also a keen underwater photographer and videographer and is always looking for marine life be it huge as a whale, or so small you need a magnifying glass (which he carries on his dives).

Apart from the diving Dan has a very keen interest in Sailing and is a qualified skipper, climbing, skydiving, kite boarding, motorbikes and most other sports.
In the Caribbean he has worked in the Cayman Islands and has now found a home with Jean Michel Cousteau’s Caribbean Diving and looking forward to exploring more of the reefs and wrecks around Petit Saint Vincent.

Natasha Green

Natasha began her dive career back home in the UK, where she used to teach as a hobby at weekends in a Dry Suit, in Cold Water - both inland and coastal.  She then joined a Marine Conservation Expedition back in 2008 in the Seychelles, East Africa.  She studied Turtles, Whale Sharks, Fish, Coral & Invertebrates and was hooked for life!!  She then decided to give up her 17 Year Career in Construction to become a Full Time Dive Instructor.

Since then, she has gained a vast amount of experience in all types of diving and has worked all over the world including the Seychelles, Bahrain, Cyprus, Turks & Caicos, Palau, British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands, before settling here in the Grenadines!

Natasha is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor, O2 Administrator Instructor and is also qualified to teach over 18 PADI Specialties including Enriched Air Nitrox. TDI VIP, IANTD Advanced Nitrox. 

She is also an IYT Commercial Powerboat Master Coastal Captain, PADI Coxwain, PADI Diveboat Specialist, IYT VHF Marine Radio Operator and also holds an IYT General Marine Engineering Certificate.  

Natasha enjoys all types of diving, but especially Drift Dives and Wrecks!  Although Natasha has a love for all Aquatic Species and Marine Life, her number one passion are Juvenile Fish in which she spent many, many hours mastering back in the Seychelles!