Dive Sites

Experience the personal lives of reef fish and marvel at the coral cities under the sea.

We dive at a number of different sites, the ones on this website are our most well known ones. If you are looking for a particular type of dive please talk to us and we can usually accommodate. If you are adventurous and would like to do some exploratory diving we are always trying out un-dived sites in the area to see what is down there.

Petit St. Vincent (Our Home)

Petit St. Vincent is a private island resort with excellent diving in the vicinity, 20 minutes from Palm Island.

Mopion Island
This is a drift dive with an average depth of approximately 50 feet. This is the place to see huge lobsters and moray eels. There are also lots of sharks including Caribbean Reef sharks and nurse sharks sleeping in the sand.

Punaise Reef
This is a mini wall dive on the Atlantic side.
You will see small lobsters and one of the biggest lobsters you have ever seen anywhere. Sharks, Eagle Rays, Black and white spotted drums dance amongst the reef which gently slopes to about 80ft.


Of all the islands we dive, Mayreau has the most dive sites. This is a marine protected area so there is lots of life!

Mayreau Gardens

Depending on the direction of the current, this dive can be done to the north (55 feet deep) or to the south (80 feet deep) as a drift. Beautiful topography.

Valley Dive

This site has the best coral formations. You can see most everything here: Sharks, rays, turtles, large sea fans, schools of fish. The average depth is 90 feet.

Mayreau Wall Dive

Done as a drift dive, drops off to around 100ft. With stunning topography, sea fans, huge schooling fish, sharks and rays on the reef and in the blue.

Puruni Wreck

This is a 1918 English gun ship approximately 150 feet in length and found in only 40 feet of water. Great wreck dive for beginners as well as advanced divers. Perfect for Photography. PTO (What is PTO?) for more information on our unanimous guest favourite dive.

Hot Springs (Advanced Divers Only)

This is an underwater volcano with continuous bubbles. The water temperature here changes dramatically, becoming very warm. There is an abundance of outstanding corals around here, 80-100ft in depth.

Tobago Cays

This area is made up of five uninhabited keys and is a National Park protected by the government.

Horseshoe Reef
At 60 feet you will find numerous soft and hard corals. There are reef sharks and nurse sharks sleeping under ledges.

Worlds Ends Reef
At 70 feet you will find stingrays sleeping in the sand. This is also the place to see squadrons of spotted eagle rays swimming in formation.

Union Island

This Island has some amazing diving on the leeward side in the beautiful bays. A photographers dream!

Chatham Bay – South
This is a great dive. Starting in the shallows at around 30-40ft there is a sloping reef where you will see a whole host of marine life, from schooling fish and Flying Gurnards to tiny flatworms and Blennies. This site does go deeper, 60ft, as the dive progresses nearer to the point.

Irene’s Point
This is an area where we can see nurse sharks, eagle rays and the occasional Manta! Usually done as a drift but we can still see the macro critters on calmer days.

Bloody Head
Another shallower dive, the other side of the bay with great out crops of rocks and really great boulders that nearly break the surface. Lots of reef fish and critters to be seen.

Chatham Bay – North
Another great dive with lots of macro life on the reef along with schooling fish in the blue. If you’re lucky you can spot flying gurnards and octopus.

Chatham Bay – Tipical
This starts out as a shallow reef on a pinnacle where we can find sea horses, shrimps, flying gurnards and other great macro not to mention all the fish life. Once around the pinnacle you can stay on top in 50ft or head down the slope to 70ft where you could see sleeping nurse sharks.

Bloody Bay
Shallow 25-40ft reef dive with lots to see, including stingrays, flat worms and reef fish along with the occasional eagle ray.

Sail Rock (Advanced Divers, Fuel Surcharge)

This is the ultimate dream dive that every diver wants to see. Because of its exposed location, this dive is limited to good weather conditions.
This is a pinnacle dive complete with a cave, schools of fish, sharks, turtles, stingrays, amazing macro life and an old cannon. There are strong currents because the area is very exposed and weather dependent. Depth is approximately 70 feet and the experience is out of this world. Tiger sharks have been known to go by along with a whole host of other marine life including rare sightings of pelagics.